We test your drug samples by mail.

You send us a sample of 10mg (0.01g) and we will send your results by email.

Here’s how it works. Please read and follow all instructions carefully.

  1. Contact us at [email protected] to get our mailing address.
  2. Place approximately 10mg (0.01g) or more of the substance to be tested into a small plastic container, then place that into small sealed ziplock bag, and place that inside a second sealed ziplock bag. The idea is to be sure the samples are triple-bagged, very well-sealed, and have no chance of escaping their bagging.
    (10mg is less than the head of one matchstick.)
  3. On a piece of paper, write down these three things:
    (a) what you think the substance is
    (b) a description of the pill or capsule the sample came from
    (c) your email address.
    Please write clearly.
  4. Place the triple-bagged sample an the information paper into a sealed padded envelope, or a padded Xpresspost envelope for mailing.
  5. If you are sending more than one sample at the same time, please be sure to triple-bag each sample separately and number each sample so we can provide you with clear results.
  6. Please use Canada Post, Xpresspost or Purolator. Do not use any other shipping services. Please do not select for any signature required.
  7. We will send your test results by email from [email protected] the same day we receive your sample. (Be sure to check your junk mail folder.)
  8. All test results will also be posted on our website at this link.
  • Please be sure to triple bag and seal all samples safely.
  • If sending liquid be especially sure it is well-sealed.
  • We cannot return anything by mail. All samples will be destroyed after testing.
  • We will test all samples with the FTIR Spectrometer and a fentanyl test strip.
  • All personal information is anonymous and confidential. We shred all documents and keep no personal records.
  • If you have questions please email us at [email protected]