We will test your street drugs and tell you what’s in them!

We have a special machine called an “FTIR Spectrometer” which can identify drug samples and tell us what they are.

The test takes less than five minutes and does not destroy the sample. The machine shines an infrared laser onto the sample, then analyzes the reflected light spectrum to identify the substances in the sample.

We also have test strips available, more specifically to test for even trace amounts of fentanyl or benzodiazepines.

We are currently offering drug testing nationwide through the mail, and in Vancouver samples can be dropped off for testing at 880 East Hastings during operating hours.

We do not charge any fee or require a donation for any drug analysis.

The kinds of drugs we can test:

  • Psychedelics like LSD, MDMA, MDA
  • Stimulants like meth, cocaine, amphetamines
  • Opiates like heroin and fentanyl
  • Others like ketamine, PCP, steroids

The kinds of drugs we cannot test:

  • Whole herbs like cannabis, kratom, peyote or salvia
  • Drugs in foods like candies or brownies
  • Drugs that are below 5% of the sample

What the FTIR test does:

  • The test detects what substances are in the sample. For example, if you bring in a capsule which you believe is MDMA, we can confirm if it is only MDMA or contains any other drugs or substances. We can also identify any filler substances. As the machine can’t detect below 5% there can always be any number of components present at less than 5% (ie. solvents, precursors, reactionary byproducts, etc.)
  • This test can also show the levels of a substance within the material. For example: this test can tell if your capsule is 30% MDMA and 70% filler or 80% MDMA and 20% filler. The result is approximate.

What the FTIR test cannot do:

  • The test cannot always reliably detect substances at very low levels in the sample. The threshold is around 5%. (We do have fentanyl test strips which can detect for even trace amounts of fentanyl.)
  • This test cannot identify a material not in our library. For example: this test can not identify a very newly created chemical, but it can identify anything from our library of thousands of drugs and substances.
  • This test cannot guarantee that other parts of the material are identical. For example, if we test one pill from a batch, that doesn’t mean other pills from the same batch are guaranteed to be the same. Even testing a portion of one pill does not guarantee that the rest of the pill is exactly the same.
  • This test cannot identify a drug if it is in a food or candy. Dilution into sugar or food makes the test not work.
  • This test does not work on organic products like cannabis or other plant materials.
  • This test can detect the presence of fentanyl, but not below 5%. Since fentanyl is so potent, it is still very effective even at low levels. We can use a fentanyl test strip if needed. Click here for more information.

“GET YOUR DRUGS TESTED” is a project founded by Dana Larsen and sponsored by the The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary.